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Panasonic Megtron 6 R-5775(N)&R-5670(N) high speed, low loss multi layer PCB materials

Panasonic Megtron 6 R-5775(N)&R-5670(N) high speed, low loss multi layer PCB materials

With the service of 5g, the 5th generation mobile communication system, is expected to be provided in the future. In this trend, the multi-layer substrate materials, which play a central role in the servers and routers supporting the communication network backbone system, should be halogen-free PCB materials in addition to high-capacity and high-speed transmission. With the help of unique resin design technology and blending technology, the company has realized the commercialization of multi-layer substrate materials for communication infrastructure equipment. The multilayer substrate materials have low transmission loss, high heat resistance and high reliability while corresponding to halogen-free.

Megtron 6 PCB

1. Low transmission loss is realized while corresponding to halogen-free, which contributes to the large capacity and high-speed transmission of data communication
Relative permittivity (DK) [3] = 3.4 (12GHz) * 1 the company’s previous products 23.4 (12GHz) * 1
Dielectric dissipation factor (DF) [4] = 0.003 (12GHz) * 1 our company’s previous products ?? 20.004 (12GHz) * 1
2. Make contribution to the stable operation of the equipment through the multilayer substrate materials with high heat resistance and high reliability
Heat resistance of reflow soldering: 10 cycles pass (260 32 layers) our company’s previous products 28 layers, 10 cycles
Insulation reliability: 1000 hours pass (85 , humidity 85%, 50V) is the same as the company’s previous products  2, thermal expansion coefficient (thickness direction): 39ppm our previous products  245ppm
Glass transition temperature (TG) [5]: 250 °C / DMA, thermal decomposition temperature (TD) 435
The company’s previous products  2 TG 210 °C / DMA, TD 410
3. Corresponding to halogen-free, improve the manufacturability and processability of high-rise multilayer substrate with more than 20 layers
*1: specification value of glass cloth with low dielectric constant
*2. Ultra low transmission loss multilayer substrate material Megtron 6 (model r-5775)
Communication infrastructure, high-end servers, routers, switches, wireless base stations, etc. for ICT applications

General properties
Panasonic Megtron 6

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