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PCB designers have a grudge against everyone.

PCB designers have a grudge against everyone.

PCB: “you want to change the scheme? Brother, I just laid out the device.”
Overall: “the original solution really needs to be changed. Considering the heat dissipation, the package needs to be changed. Your current layout needs to be modified! “
PCB: “this board can’t fit into the layout at all!”
Overall: “I let it go by myself. I can.”
PCB: “have you considered wiring? This wiring requires multi-layer circuit boards and blind vias. “
Overall: “you can’t use multi-layer PCBs, consider the cost. Now the money for making boards can’t be reimbursed. “
PCB??“You Can You Up, No Can No BB.”
Overall: “you are not satisfied, how?”Mechanical structure vs PCB

Structure: “if the structure on the model can be enlarged at will, wouldn’t I make it big enough for you? “
PCB: “if the circuit components are like building blocks, I will not make you a small enough one? “
Structure: “I heard that your PCB design is just like the cleavage, so you can squeeze it. You get over it. “
PCB: “you… I…”

Software vs PCB

Software: “there is something wrong with your circuit board. It can’t be adjusted!”
Hardware: “you’d better check your code again. There’s absolutely a mistake!”
Software: “what? That’s how much code can go wrong? “
Hardware: “pull! There are only a few lines in this line. I have checked them several times. Can I know if there is a mistake? “
Software: “don’t talk about it here. There’s something wrong with your circuit. “
Hardware heart: “do you believe it or not! I’ll take you away, a thousand miles away. “Overall vs PCB

Overall: “what’s your power plan?”
Hardware: “no problem with performance. It’s been tested on the breadboard.”
Overall: “good! Put it in a 30 × 15mm circuit board”
Hardware: “it can’t be laid down. The heat dissipation and interference of the device need to be considered.”
Overall: “don’t talk nonsense. If it doesn’t work, I’ll put you in! Come on. “
Hardware: “it is up to you!”
Thermal design vs PCB
Hardware: “we’ve just come up with a new solution. You can help to simulate reheat.”
Thermal design: “can’t pass!”
Hardware: “have you simulated it?”
Thermal design: “I simulated it with my head. You can’t make it. You need to lower the specification! “
Hardware: “do you need my brother to heat your head with a hot air gun to simulate it?”
Thermal design: “you can’t get rid of the heat.”
Hardware: “you just add a radiator.”
Thermal design: “your size, radiator standard library does not fit it.”
Hardware: “can’t you just add a copper sheet?”
Thermal design: “copper? There is no more in the library. How can I simulate it? ”

Purchasing vs PCB
PCB: “I’m looking forward to buying electronic components. I’ve built the package of the components and just finished the wiring. “
Buy: “the merchant said that the original package of components is gone, I will buy another package of the same model.”
PCB: “brother, change the package, you can’t tell me earlier?”
Leader: “your EMC measures are too complicated! With so many protections and steps, it’s easy to have problems in live competitions. “
EMC: “no way. If we don’t do so much, the interference can’t be solved. This is mainly due to PCB structure design problems, crowded devices, wrong orientation
PCB: “if I can have enough space to lay boards, I won’t have to struggle to crowd these components together. This is mainly because the mechanical structure leaves me too little space! “
Structure: “the car model is so big, so many sensors need to be put in. Where is the space left for your PCB layout? This is mainly about the design of sensors. If we have to install so many sensors and their supports, can’t we have less? “
Sensor: “these sensors are not enough for control algorithms! We could have reduced the volume by selecting small sensors, but the algorithm is not satisfied with the accuracy of small sensors! “
Algorithm: “without so many high-precision sensors, the car model is blind. No matter how clever our algorithms are, we can’t make bricks without rice. This is mainly due to the leadership’s request that the car model should run fast. If the car model runs slowly, only a few low-precision sensors will do.”
Leader: “after all, the final complaint is that the model car is required to run fast. I have a grudge against you? If the model runs slowly, I don’t have the face to compete. “
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