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Edge Plating Bath

Edge Plating Bath

Products require edge plating, usually for decorative protection or enhance its function. Whatever the purpose, the plating must be a uniform and complete coating, which is the most basic requirement. If the shape of the plated part is complex, or there are small holes, holes or blind holes, or the material and surface are very special, the plating process must be carefully studied and analyzed before determining, in order to meet these special conditions. Whether the plating bath has enough macro and micro dispersion ability is obviously a must to be considered.


The selection of edge plating bath and process parameters is the necessary work before the product is electroplated. The bath and the process conditions used must be determined by the requirements of the product. At present, there are many processes available, and different formulations and process conditions can be easily found. To select the bath formulation and matching process, the first thing is to meet the product quality requirements, and the second is to consider the possible implementation of the environment and conditions.


Generally, the formulation of edge plating solution can be divided into two categories. According to the morphology of ion exchange on the electrode, simple hydrated ions and complex ions formed by adding complexing agent or chelating agent. There are obvious differences in dispersion ability, plating speed, crystalline structure and properties of the coating. If the shape of the parts is not particularly complex and the coating can meet the requirements, it is advisable to choose a simpler bath formulation as far as possible. In this way, the cost is low, it is easy to control and manage, and more importantly, the sewage is easy to deal with.


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