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Metal-based Printed Circuit Board Introduction

The custom MCPCB, also known as the MCPCB aluminum substrate, is composed of a circuit layer (copper foil layer), a thermally conductive insulating layer, and a metal base layer. It attaches the original printed circuit board to another metal with better heat conduction effect, which can improve the heat dissipation at the board level. It is commonly used in the LED industry.

For example, LED light source boards use custom MCPCB. LEDs are representative of the current mainstream lighting equipment and display fields, and metal-based printed circuit boards are the founders of this light source industry. Although the metal-based printed circuit board improves heat dissipation, it does not mean that it can withstand high temperatures, so the temperature requirement during the manufacturing process must not exceed 250 ℃ ∼ 300 ℃. Therefore, when the tin furnace is used, the temperature must be controlled, otherwise the metal printed circuit board may be scrapped.

LED flashlights and LED light-panel substrates commonly used in life are basically made of custom metal core printed circuit boards. The LED light strip is not counted, and the FPC flexible circuit board may be used, which is usually used for cable.

Therefore, the probability of using these two boards in the LED industry is relatively common.

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