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Manufacturing technique of double sided flexible PCB

There are a variety forms of flexible printed circuit boards, even if it is a single sided structure, its covering film, reinforced plate material and shape, the process will change greatly. A seemingly simple single sided flex pcb may have more than 20 basic processes. Double sided flexible PCB has two conductive layers, which can obtain higher package density. Double sided flexible PCB is widely used in disk drives.

Double flexible PCB and flexible manufacturing method of the single panel there is a big difference, as shown in the following is ordinary have reinforced plate hole metallization double the gm of flexible printed circuit board manufacturing process:

Cutting a drill guide hole, hole metallization cleaning a resist coating on the surface of the copper foil a formation of conductive graphics etching, resist stripping a covering film of a terminal plating surface shape and hole machining a reinforced plate processing, check the packaging.
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