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Manufacturing Technique of Double-Sided Flexible PCB

Manufacturing Technique of Double-Sided Flexible PCB

There are a variety forms of flexible printed circuit boards, even if it is a single sided structure, its covering film, reinforced plate material and shape, the process will change greatly. A seemingly simple single sided flex PCB may have more than 20 basic processes. Double-sided flexible PCB has two conductive layers, which can obtain higher package density. Double-sided flexible PCB is widely used in disk drives.

FPC connector

Double flexible PCB and flexible manufacturing method of the single panel there is a big difference, as shown in the following is ordinary have reinforced plate hole metallization double the gm of flexible printed circuit board manufacturing process:

Cutting a drill guide hole, hole metallization cleaning a resist coating on the surface of the copper foil a formation of conductive graphics etching, resist stripping a covering film of a terminal plating surface shape and hole machining a reinforced plate processing, check the packaging.

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