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Major Difficulties in Making Multilayer PCB

Major Difficulties in Making Multilayer PCB

Multilayer circuit boards are generally defined as high-level multi-layer circuit boards with 10-20 or more layers, which are more difficult to process than traditional multi-layer circuit boards and require high quality and reliability. They are mainly used in communication equipment, high-end servers, medical electronics, aviation, industrial control, military and other fields. In recent years, the market demand of high-rise board in application communication, base station, aviation, military and other fields is still strong. With the rapid development of China’s telecommunications equipment market, the market prospect of high-rise board is promising.


At present, domestic PCB manufacturers that can mass produce high-rise circuit boards mainly come from foreign-funded enterprises or a few domestic-funded enterprises. The production of high-rise circuit boards requires not only higher investment in technology and equipment, but also accumulation of experience of technicians and producers. At the same time, the procedure of customer certification for high-rise circuit boards is strict and cumbersome. Therefore, the threshold for high-rise circuit boards to enter enterprises is high and the period of industrialization production is long.

The average level of PCB has become an important technical index to measure the technical level and product structure of PCB enterprises. This paper briefly describes the main processing difficulties encountered in the production of high-rise circuit boards, and introduces the key control points of key production processes of high-rise circuit boards for your reference.

I. Major difficulties in production

Compared with conventional PCB products, high-rise PCB has the characteristics of thicker board, more layers, denser lines and through holes, larger unit size, thinner dielectric layer, and stricter requirements of inner space, inter-layer alignment, impedance control and reliability.

II. Control of key production processes

1. Material selection
2. Design of laminated structure
3. Interlayer Alignment Control
4. Inner Circuit Technology
5. Pressing process
6. Drilling Technology

III. Reliability testing

High-rise plate is generally a system plate, which is thicker, heavier and larger than conventional multi-layer plate. The corresponding heat capacity is also larger. When welding, more heat is needed, and the welding time is longer.

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