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Maintenance of Common Plating Equipment in PCB Production Enterprises

Maintenance of Common Plating Equipment in PCB Production Enterprises

Electroplating equipment occupies a large proportion in PCB manufacturing enterprises. In order to ensure the normal operation of electroplating equipment, the stability in the operation process and the service life of electroplating equipment, the correct maintenance and maintenance of equipment is very important. So, what is the most important thing in maintenance?

1.Classification of equipment types in PCB production process

There are two main plating equipment, one is horizontal plating line, the other is vertical plating line. The two plating equipments with different structures, mainly the transport mode of circuit board, adopt different structure of conveyor board equipment, so they are slightly different for maintenance.

2. Daily maintenance methods

1). The vibration mechanism of vertical electroplating line is maintained on vertical electroplating. In order to ensure the uniformity of copper surface and the effect of copper hole during electroplating, the plate will be vibrated and swayed, and there will be vibration and swaying mechanism on the tank body.
30 days to check the gear reducer, see if it works properly, check its tightness; It is necessary to check the tightness of the bolts of the vibration mounting motor and the wear of the vibration rubber. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time.
Inspect the power line contact in the junction box at 180 days. The joint loosening should be tightened in time. For the power line with melted or aged insulation layer, the power line should be replaced in time to ensure the insulation between the power lines.

2). Maintenance of vertical electroplating line. The vertical electroplating line is transported to circuit board by traveling vehicle and trailer.
The crane and the trailer should be cleaned once a week (without disassembly) so as to keep their appearance clean and tidy. When they are cleaned, they can be washed with a cloth and polished with sandpaper.

In 30 days, check the hanger once, check the damage of the hanger; check and maintain the motor and reducer of the driving car once, check the whole transmission device to ensure its normal operation.

3. Maintenance of conveyor for horizontal electroplating line.

The conveyor for horizontal electroplating line is roller. The circuit board is continuously fed into each tank by the rotation of roller.
Therefore, there are some differences between the maintenance of horizontal plating line conveyor and vertical plating line. The roller of the horizontal plating line is cleaned once in 7 days, and the foreign body adhering to the roller is cleaned to ensure the surface of the conveyor plate is clean. The linkage should be checked for loosening.

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