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Application of automotive circuit board in products.

Application of automotive circuit board in products.

In life, what products need to use PCB?
circuit board
The first is the electronic products that need integrated circuits
In order to save space, make the products lighter, more durable, and achieve good performance, it is necessary to replace the previous wire connection to the printed circuit board. PCB can meet the requirements of space, performance and reliability.

Not every electrical appliance needs a circuit board, simple electrical appliances can not need a circuit such as a motor. But there are special functions of electrical appliances generally need circuit board to achieve, such as television, radio, computer and so on. There are also PCB boards at the bottom of the rice cooker, as well as automotive PCB in cars.
What kind of products can be used in PCB?
PCB generally refers to rigid pcb, mainly used in: computer motherboard, mouse board, graphics card, Office equipment, printer, copier, remote control, all kinds of chargers, calculators, digital cameras, radio, TV motherboard, limited TV amplifier, mobile phone, washing machine, electronic scale, telephone, LED lamps and lanterns, etc. the applications in home appliances are: air conditioning, refrigerator, stereo, MP3; Used in industrial equipment: GPS, cars, instrumentation, medical equipment, aircraft, military weapons, missiles, satellites, etc.
The main board and key board of the mobile phone are rigid pcbs; the connection cables of the sliding cover mobile phone or the flip phone are the flexible pcb. The remote control usually uses carbon templates. Mobile phone version from top to bottom are RF circuit, power circuit, audio circuit, logic circuit.
Generally, the heated kettle has no circuit board, and the wire bracket is directly connected. The water dispenser has a circuit board. Rice cooker generally has circuit board, induction cooker also has circuit board. The circuit board of the electric fan generally has the functions of speed regulation, timing, display, etc., and has no practical effect on the operation of the electric fan.
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