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What is VIPPO of PCB?

What is VIPPO of PCB?

Before introducing VIPPO, I want to divide the production process of vias into two parts: the first half is called “drilling”, and the second half is called “plug hole”. These holes include through holes, blind holes, buried holes, back drills, etc.; plug holes are the process of copper-plated plug holes, including full plugs, half plugs, VIPPO and SKIPPO. So, what is VIPPO and what is SKIPPO?

VIPPO: Via in Pad Plated over

SKIPPO: Skip Via in Pad Plated over If you need to drill holes on the pad and paste electronic components, then you have to use VIPPO or SPIPPO. VIPPO and SKIPPO are generally used on RF devices and BGA pads. VIPPO’s via can be a through hole or a blind hole, while SKIPPO’s via refers specifically to the top layer to the third layer and the bottom layer (n) to the n-2 layer Blind holes. The production process of VIPPO is as shown in the figure below. The difference from ordinary via is that it wears a copper cap (Cu cap), which is flush with the pad.
A board, after using the VIPPO process, the cost will increase by 15% to 25% (PCBSky evaluation). Components on VIPPO with pins less than or equal to 3 are easy to fall off, and the pad is easy to fall off during soldering.
In the early stage of the project, at the stage of device selection, try to choose packages with a large pin pitch. In the PCB layout stage, it is fine to avoid VIPPO. Because the PCB board factory will not take the initiative to tell you that the VIPPO process is very expensive.
That being the case, why do we still use VIPPO? the answer is:
1. Greatly improve the wiring density of the PCB and reduce the size of the PCB.
2. Significantly reduce parasitic inductance
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