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What is FPC release film like?

What is FPC release film like?

fpc release film

FPC release film is composed of super transparent polyester film (PET) coated with special silica gel, then bonded with pet release film, and then bonded with pet protective film on the hardened surface. FPC thin plate load-bearing film is a kind of functional film used when the thickness of FPC substrate is thin. It has many choices, such as ordinary load-bearing film and high-temperature bearing film, which is suitable for all kinds of flexible PCB substrates.

FPC release film is mainly used in flexible circuit board, with the characteristics of high density, light weight and thin thickness. It is mainly used in mobile phones, notebook computers, PDA, digital cameras, LCM and many other products. FPC soft printed circuit is a kind of highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit made of Polyimide or polyester film.

Product features:
1. It can be bent, folded and wound freely. It can move and stretch freely in three-dimensional space.
2. Good heat dissipation performance, FPC can be used to reduce the volume.
3. To achieve lightweight, miniaturization, thin type, so as to achieve the integration of component device and wire connection.
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