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Flexible Double Sided PCB: Can Roll up the Computer Screen

Recently, the industry has developed a new green manufacturing technology of double sided flexible pcb, and human technology has made further progress, which is nearer to the foldable screens. This achievement will be presented at China international industrial exposition.

This kind of printed circuit board with light weight, thin thickness, softness and flexibly "like printed newspaper" has already been used in mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, LCD screens and many other products. At present, there are many problems in the process of manufacturing PCB conductive circuit in industry, such as high material consumption, more production processes, large discharge of waste liquid, heavy environmental protection pressure and so on. Yang Zhenguo's research team successfully developed a new green manufacturing process for flexible double sided printed circuit boards, which will break the monopoly of foreign companies on high-end technology and flexible electronic products in this field after industrialization.

The new process of "Printing-Adsorption-Catalytic Addition" can be directly manufactured for double sided or even multi-layer flexible printed circuit boards, which solves the core problem of through-hole interconnection of multi-layer flexible circuit boards. The flexible printing of double-sided circuit boards is realized by a more environmentally friendly and low-cost method, and the roll-to-roll manufacturing of multi-layer flexible circuit boards is finally realized. The new process has the advantages of no waste, low pollution, good electrical performance, strong adhesion, and can directly manufacture double-sided flexible circuit board. At the same time, due to the simplification of the process, the cost of PCB manufacturing is reduced by at least 30%, which makes it more suitable for the needs of industrial development.

The double sided flexible pcb will play an important role in remote identification, logistics management, anti-counterfeiting of commodities, management of valuables in public space, book borrowing and product leasing. The application of double sided flexible pcb in organic light-emitting diodes will make it possible to make mobile electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops with flexible screens that can be folded and rolled freely.

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