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Application and performance of Rogers RT / Duroid 6002 PCB.

Application and performance of Rogers RT / Duroid 6002 PCB.

RT/duroid® 6002 microwave material was the ? rst low loss and low dielectric constant laminate to offer superior electrical and mechanical properties essential in designing complex microwave structures which are mechanically reliable and electrically stable.
The thermal coef?  cient of dielectric constant is extremely low from -55oC to+150oC (-67°F to 302°F) which provides the designers of ? lters, oscillators and delay lines the electrical stability needed in today’s demanding applications.
A low Z axis coef? cient of thermal expansion (CTE) ensures excellent reliability of plated through-holes.  RT/duroid 6002 materials have been successfully temperature cycled (-55oC to 125oC [-67°F to 257°F]) for over 5000 cycles without a single via failure.
Excellent dimensional stability (0.2 to 0.5 mils/inch) is achieved by matching the X and Y coef? cient of expansion to copper. This often eliminates double etching to achieve tight positional tolerances.
The low tensile modulus (X,Y) greatly reduces the stress applied to solder joints and allows  the expansion of the laminate to be constrained by a minimum amount of low CTE metal, (6 ppm/oC) further increasing surface mount reliability.

½ oz.  to 2 oz./ft.2 electrodeposited copper,  ½ oz. to 1 oz. reverse treated electrodeposited copper or ½ oz. to 2 oz./ ft.2 rolled copper may be speci? ed as cladding on dielectric thicknesses from 0.005” to 0.125” (0.13 to 3.18mm). RT/duroid 6002 laminate is also available clad with aluminum, brass, or copper plates and resistive foils.

Applications particularly suited to the unique properties of RT/duroid 6002 material include ? at and non-planar structures such as antennas, complex multi-layer circuits with inter-layer connections, and microwave circuits for aerospace designs in hostile environments. RT/duroid 6002 laminates have Underwriters Laboratories  recognition under classi? cation 94V-0 (Vertical Flammability Test).

Dielectric constant: 2.94 ± 0.04

Application fields:
[locomotive] [rail transit] [power] [renewable energy] [body and chassis] [lighting] [equipment and inverter power supply] [national defense industrial equipment] [vehicle mounted] [vehicular communication] [vehicle entertainment] [Internet of vehicles] [industrial automation] [industrial servo] [indoor lighting] [intelligent home] [industrial equipment control] [mobile phone related] [electric vehicle power system] [communication equipment] [Internet of things][ Warehouse] [security system] [phased array antenna] [land based and airborne radar system] [GPS antenna] [power backplane] [high reliability complex multilayer circuit] [commercial airline collision avoidance · beamforming network]

Rogers 6002 PCB Main advantages:
Low loss guarantees excellent performance at high frequency
Strictly controlled permittivity and thickness tolerance
Excellent electrical and mechanical performance
Very low dielectric constant with temperature change rate
The surface expansion coefficient equivalent to copper foil
Low z-axis expansion
Low exhaust rate, ideal material for aviation application

Rogers 6002 is a composite of ceramics and polytetrafluoroethylene.Lots of customers come to buy Rogers PCB. We keep all types rogers material in stock, if you need any of them, welcome to contact us for the price and datasheet.

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