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PCB layout
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PCB layout

  • PCB Layout Principle 2022/05/22

    1. Arrangement rules of electronic components 1). Under normal conditions, all electronic components shall be arranged on the same side of the printed circuit. Only when the electronic components on t…

  • According to the experience of PCB layout after the completion of the need to check the content. 2021/01/19

    According to the experience of PCB manufacturing, this paper summarizes the contents that need to be checked after the completion of PCB design: 1. Check the high-frequency, high-speed, clock and othe…

  • PCB layout is the art creation of hardware. 2020/12/05

    Layout is a boring and painful thing, but for an engineer who pays attention to layout, he can always get incomparable satisfaction and sense of achievement from the results in the end! In fact, PCB l…

  • What is the difference between PCB schematic diagram and layout? 2020/10/25

    The schematic diagram only indicates the electrical connection relationship between components, and does not represent the actual connection. Therefore, we need to layout these connection relationship…

  • Introduction of multilayer flexible PCB. 2020/09/26

    Multilayer flexible printed circuit board is a kind of multilayer flexible printed circuit board, which is laminated with three or more layers of single-sided or double-sided flexible circuits. Throug…

  • Six skills of PCB layout design, design easier! 2020/09/20

    Six things to consider when transferring PCB schematic diagram to PCB layout design. All the examples mentioned are developed in Multisim design environment, but the same concept is applicable when us…

  • PCB Layout 2020/09/20

    Pcbsky is a one-stop service provider integrating PCB design, manufacturing, assembly and testing. The company has more than 20 design engineers, nearly 400 R & D and manufacturing personnel, with…

  • What does PCB layout mean? 2020/09/19

    PCB layout is PCB design.PCB design needs to be realized by computer aided design. The commonly used design software in the industry is cadence Allegro, pads, Altium designer.   Conventional PCB …

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